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Home security Video gamers: One of the most attractive targets for hackers

Video gamers: One of the most attractive targets for hackers

New research from Akamai and DreamHack showed that the video gamers have been targeted by hackers. The gaming industry has suffered 152 million web application attacks and up to 10 billion credential stuffing attacks in the last two years.

Video gamers

The exhibition is called "Gaming: You can not solo security”And shows that the attacks to video gamers (as well as all of them users and organizations) increased during the lockdown due COVID-19.

The online gaming is a favorite way of entertaining and communicating for many people and new gaming accounts are created every day. This has not gone unnoticed by the cyber criminals who commit it credential stuffing attacks to acquire access in the accounts of video gamers.

Research has shown that Many video gamers have indeed been victimized, but few of them were worried especially for that. According to available data, 55% of people who identified themselves as regular video gamers experienced issues security with their account, but only 20% really worried about his safety.

Another finding of the report shows that video gamers consider security in cyberspace as a team effort. Fifty-four percent of those affected believed it was the joint responsibility of gamers and gaming companies.

The report also lists some steps that video gamers can take to protect their accounts. The use password manager and multi-factor authentication application are two of these measures. Gaming companies also have a responsibility for the safety of their users.

"All of us at DreamHack want to ensure that fan communities and video gamers are protected from cyber attacks of this kind", Said DreamHack.

"These findings are significant. We must ensure that, together, we do everything we can to protect privacy and privacy. information, when participating in global platforms".

DreamHack said that gamers will always be in their sights hackers because they are very active in games and platforms and spend money on their games. These factors make them a tempting target for cyber criminals.

"Criminals keep doing it attacks against games and video gamers in order to breach accounts, steal personal information and in-game money, and gain competitive advantage".

Players, game developers and game services need to work together to combat these malicious activities utilizing technology, using methods security and being constantly vigilant.

Beyond the credential stuffing attacks that exploit stolen credentials and phishing emails that try to trick video gamers into delivering their logins, SQL injection and local file inclusion (LFI) attacks they are also a big threat. With these techniques, the hackers can access a large amount of data.

Finally, another important threat is DDoS attacks. From July 2019 to June 2020, 3.000 of the 5.600 DDoS attacks observed by Akamai targeted the gaming industry.


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