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Home security eBay: Former employees will plead guilty to cyberstalking in the US!

eBay: Former employees will plead guilty to cyberstalking in the US!

On October 8, at 2 pm, four former eBay employees are going to declare through its application Zoom guilty of cyberstalking (cyberbullying) charges before the Boston Federal Court of USA. The news was confirmed by the office of the Massachusetts prosecutor yesterday, through a publication that was announced in Twitter.

The four former eBay employees are accused of participating in one campaign cyberstalking aimed at a couple in Massachusetts.

eBay employees guilty

Defendants living in California - Brian Gilbert, Stephanie Popp, Stephanie Stockwell and Veronica Zea And two eBay executives are said to be involved in a widespread harassment campaign aimed at intimidating a married couple living in Massachusetts. The two eBay executives, James Baugh and David Harville, are not currently facing charges, but are considered conspirators in the ongoing criminal case.

The plan was created after many eBay executives realized that the married couple, who manage a online e-commerce newsletter, is a threat to the public image of the company, according to allegations. According to court documents, eBay executives were annoyed by the negative "coverage" of the company in a blog E-commerce operated by Natick of Massachusetts, as well as with anonymous comments appearing on the blog stories.


In addition, in an affidavit filed by Mark Wilson, a federal agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, executives exchanged allegedly threatening text messages about the couple. Some of the messages said the following: "We will destroy this lady" and "Dissolve her", said Wilson.

According to Bloomberg, former eBay CEO Devin Wenig is one of the executives who made derogatory comments about the couple.

Cyberstalking suspects allegedly created one account on Twitter, which they used to send harassment messages to the publishers of the blog, before publishing their home address. Officers also sent pornographic magazines with the husband's name to a neighbor's house and planned to enter the couple's garage to install a device. GPS in their car, officials said.

US court

Gilbert reportedly contacted the victims - posing as an eBay employee - to express concern about online harassment and offer help. According to the complaint, the bullying was part of a larger plan for eBay to reach out to "save" the victims from harassment, in order to gain positive "coverage" on the couple's blog.

EBay, based in California, has launched an internal research, after being notified by the authorities of suspicious actions by the security personnel, as company representatives stated in their relevant statement.

Attorney Andrew Lelling told a news conference in June that the charges had been announced, that the defendants had participated in a "systematic" campaign funded by one of his company. F, to intimidate the adult couple emotionally and psychologically.


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