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Home business Google: Will test "hybrid" work models from home

Google: Will test "hybrid" work models from home

Google is considering long-term options work, as most of her employees say they do not want to return to the office.

62% of Google employees they want to return to their offices at some point, but not every day, according to a recent research on the preferences of employees in the office, released this week.

Google: Will test "hybrid" work models from home

Thus, the company is working on "hybrid" models, including rearranging its offices and finding longer-term remote work options, he said. CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, in an interview with the magazine T, on Wednesday.

"I see a more flexible future. We firmly believe that with contact, being together, having a sense of community is extremely important when you have to solve hard problems and create something new so we don't see it change. "But we believe we need to create more flexibility and more hybrid working models."

The long-term plan comes as Google, which has looked at it as a model for Silicon Valley workplaces, is slowly revealing more details about its plans to bring its employees back to office, while also competing with other companies. technology for top talents. Earlier in the summer, the company gave employees the option to work from home until July 2021, amid the global pandemic. This came as Facebook announced a similar timetable, with other companies such as Twitter, to state that employees can work remotely "forever".

Google started preparations for it early pandemic and more recently made changes, including its internal communication forums. However, employees have lost privileges in the office, such as food offers and personal chefs.

Google: Will test "hybrid" work models from home

10% of company employees said they do not want to go to the office at all in the future, according to a recent survey. 15% said they would just like to enter the office "Tailor-made»Or for specific events.

Employees' reasons for returning to the offices included time with colleagues, the ability to socialize, and better opportunities. cooperation, according to CNBC.


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