HomesecurityGefco logistics company fell victim to a cyber attack

Gefco logistics company fell victim to a cyber attack

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The logistics company Gefco, based in France, admitted he fell victim cyber attack last Sunday, which according to company "was made to disrupt the business".

Gefco said it did not yet know the origin of the attack, but "works 24 hours a day with IT partners and authorities to investigate and resolve the issue".

Ο Luc Nadal, President and CEO of Gefco, sent a letter to customers, associates and colleagues to inform them of the incident. He also said he encouraged officials to take action and implement alternative procedures to ensure that the business will continue to operate.

"Our IT team, together with external IT partners work 24 hours a day to restore our business applications and we have already made great progress in finding backups.".

The company did not provide much information about cyber attack. For example, he did not say exactly which systems were affected. A Gefco spokesman said in a statement: "cyber attack affects our activities", While he said that the company will"provides regular updates on this issue".

The president of the company added that Gefco will face cyber attack, as it has overcome many other problems in the history of its more than 70 years of operation.

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"We are a resilient and strong organization", he said. "We do everything to find solutions for our customers all these years and today we are grateful for your dedication to us. We will continue to do everything possible to maintain the integrity of our business and serve you. We will keep you posted on our progress".

The experts they claim that Logistics companies such as Gefco are becoming an increasingly common target hackers.

In accordance with The Loadstar, in May a second cyber attack took place in Toll Group and Lars Jensen, an analyst, said the industry is facing the same issues that have existed for the past five years, but progress in raising standards security it is very slow.

Security specialists Hornetsecurity reported that about 14% of companies are at risk of malware emails, are part of the logistics industry.

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