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Home security Town Sports International: The US fitness chain has suffered a data breach!

Town Sports International: The US fitness chain has suffered a data breach!

The US fitness chain "Town Sports International" suffered a data breach, after a database was exposed on the Internet data containing the personal information of over 600.000 people. Town Sports International owns well-known U.S. fitness centers and gyms, including New York Sports Clubs, Boston Sports Clubs, Philadelphia Sports Clubs, Washington Sports Clubs, Lucille Roberts and Total Woman Gym and Spa.

With the outbreak of his pandemic COVID-19 which led to the suspension and closure of many businesses, including gyms, Town Sports International was forced to file for bankruptcy on September 14, 2020.

Town Sports International-USA-data breach

According to BleepingComputer, in a new report Comparitech, a database owned by Town Sports International, was discovered and analyzed by security researcher Bob Diachenko. Within the database exposed leading to data breach, are included archives with personal information of over 600.000 people, including members and staff of the chain. The personal data on display are, inter alia, names, addresses, phone numbers, addresses e-mail, the last four digits of the credit card, credit card expiration dates and a member's billing history.

According to reports, the database reported in Internet was insured the next day and the information contained therein is no longer accessible.
It is not currently known if hackers acquired access in this database in the past.

database with personal data of Town Sports International customers

However, to keep Town Sports International members and staff safe, it is best to assume that someone other than researchers may have accessed the data and targeted them with Phishing emails. In other words, fraudsters can use personal database information to make the message appear more convincing. Phishing emails usually contain links to phishing pages that appear to be authentic, legal, and often identical to the official site of Town Sports International, but are in fact copies designed to steal codes access or payment information.

Therefore, all Town Sports International customers should be especially careful when visiting sites that contain emails and mention their gym membership.


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