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Windows 10 Package Manager: Installs Microsoft Store applications

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 WinGet Package Manager that adds experimental features such as the ability to install applications from the Microsoft Store and the ability to auto-complete commands.

Windows Package Manager (WinGet) was released in May 2020 during the Microsoft Build Developer Conference and lets you install applications from the command line.

Package Manager Microsoft Store Windows

With this version, you can enable experimental possibilities modifying WinGet settings using the "winget settings" command. When executed, it will ask you to open a file JSON with your word processor.

To enable the features, you can copy and paste the following configuration into your settings:

Package Manager Microsoft Store Windows

Just add the "experimentalMSStore" option and save the file settings, WinGet will add a new repository called "msstore", which you can view using the "winget source list" command.

This new repository "msstore" currently contains a comprehensive list of 289 applications related to programming, networking and development which can be installed directly from the Microsoft Store.

Package Manager Microsoft Store Windows

As with any repository, you can install an application from Repository of the Microsoft Store using the "winget install" command, as shown below.

Package Manager

When installing applications from the repository MSStore, they will also appear directly in the Microsoft Store, where updates will be delivered as usual.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet added the ability to uninstall or upgrade programs that are installed via WinGet, which is required to make it really useful.

Microsoft said adding these two commands is its direct focus, as well as an import / export function that will allow you to export a list of packages and insert it into a new machine.


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