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Adobe: Brings AI technology to Liquid Mode!

The files PDF can be difficult to read in smaller ones displays And this is something that Adobe intends to address now that more and more people are relying on digital services for their professional and personal lives.

Adobe: Brings AI technology to Liquid Mode!

Today, the company unveiled its multi-year effort to bring Adobe Sensei to PDF, starting with Liquid Mode. The new feature uses Sensei, Adobe's AI tool, to automatically format text, images and tables for mobile devices.

You can turn on Liquid Mode at the touch of a button in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Sensei with technology AI and the machine learning it uses in the background, can identify the parts of a PDF document. For example, it can make headings larger, and make sure the text is readable on a smaller screen without having to zoom in.

The feature can even create foldable and scalable sections of the document you are reading, as well as allow you to search the text. If you want to make the document even more readable, you can customize it further by changing the font size and much more, according to Engadget.

Adobe: Brings AI technology to Liquid Mode!

According to Adobe, it conducted a survey that showed that 45% of Americans stopped reading or did not even try to open documents on mobiles. Meanwhile, 72% said they would work harder on phones if it were easier to read. This feature was the solution that the company found, although it admits that it is only in the early days and that it will improve over time.

Liquid Mode is currently available in the free Adobe app Acrobat Reader for iOS and Android. It will also work on Chromebook supporting the Google Play Store and will eventually be available on desktops and browsers.


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