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How to use the Apple Translate App on your iPhone?

Translate App

The Translate app της Apple, introduced in iOS 14, allows users of iPhone to do fast translations either in text form or by voice command. The translate app supports many languages and has a built-in complete dictionary.

See below how you can use it on your iPhone:

  1. Find the "Translate" app. From the Home screen, swipe down to the middle of the screen to open “Spotlight“. Type "translate" in the search bar and click on the "Apple Translate" icon. If you do not find her application, you should update the phone in iOS 14 or later.
  2. Open the Translate app. You will see a simple interface.
  3. Click the "Translate" button at the bottom of the screen to be able to translate something.
  4. Choose the two languages, which will be used for translation by pressing the two buttons at the top of the screen. The button on the left specifies the language you want to translate and the button on the right specifies the language in which the translation will be done.
  5. When you press the button for language from which a translation will be made, a list of languages ​​will appear. Select the language you want, then press “Done”. Repeat this action for the language in which the translation will be done.
  6. You can now enter the phrase you want to translate. Click in the "Enter text" box on the main translation screen.
  7. When the screen changes, type what you want to translate using the keyboard, then press “Go”.
  8. As we said above, there is also the possibility of voice command. Therefore, you can pronounce the phrase that needs translation. In this case, click the icon "MicrophoneOn the main translation screen.
  9. When the screen changes, say the phrase out loud. As you speak, the Translate app will recognize the words and spell them on the iPhone screen.
  10. When you are finished, you will see the translation on the main screen, just below the phrase you said or wrote.


Go to the toolbar, just below the translation results:

  • If you press the “buttonΑγαπημένα”(Which looks like a star), you can add the translation to the Translate app Favorites list. By clicking the "Favorites" button at the bottom of the iPhone screen, you will be able to quickly find the translations.
  • If you press the “buttonDictionary”(Which looks like a book) in the toolbar, the screen will change to Dictionary mode. With this feature, you can click on any word in a translation to see what it means. You can also see some alternative definitions for the selected word.
  • Finally, if you press the button "reproduction”(A triangle in a circle), you can hear the result of the translation being pronounced aloud.

This is the process use of her Translate app Apple on the iPhone, as we read it on howtogeek.



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