Homesecurity38 Canadian police involved in 'BlueLeaks'

38 Canadian police involved in 'BlueLeaks'

As he says Radio-Canada, confidential data of 38 Canadian police services, have been exposed by a group hackers targeted U.S. police authorities in a data breach known as BlueLeaks.


Last June, the team Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) published thousands of documents, about 269 gigabytes. Members of the group reported that the documents were received by members Anonymous.

Η leakage It came from cyber attacks to US police or their suppliers. Information from police across the United States, including emails, training programs, and expense reports, was published in Internet.

The RCMP confirmed that it was one of the organizations affected by the BlueLeaks breach.

The leaks of information concerning the law enforcement authorities Canada, did not have a significant impact on sensitive businesses and were generally related to "training, management and non-classified non-sensitive material," the RCMP said in a statement.

"We have found no classified information," said Daniel Côté, an NC3 officer. "All the information that was online was of an administrative nature."

The RCMP declined to name the other Canadian police services involved in the incident "for reasons of privacy and operation."

However, the Steve Waterhouse, a cybersecurity expert and former cybersecurity officer at the Ministry of National Defense, argued that even administrative data can be harmful if they fall into the wrong hands.

"Police officers 'emails or phone numbers could be found in this repository and they could sell them or use them to harm or harass police officers' families," Waterhouse said.

The RCMP said it was taking any action seriously violations and that previous and current employees involved in the breach have been informed.

The Office of the Personal Data Protection Officer of Canada received a report from the RCMP about the leak on September 18, almost three months after it appeared. In a statement, the office said it was reviewing the report and said the incident raised serious concerns, "given the sensitive nature of the information."

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