HomesecurityRootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the EYP?

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the National Intelligence Service?

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the National Intelligence Service? The Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer who attacked Ministries of Greece answers questions from the SecNews editorial team.

In hacking forums he is called "Father of Turkish hackers" given his knowledge, hacking skills and his successful hacking campaigns.

Among his successful attacks are many critical Greek infrastructures.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labor and telecommunications companies in Greece have been attacked by the hacker.

What is his opinion about Greek hackers?  Was he the reason why the National Intelligence Service hired 80 new hackers?

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the EYP?
RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the National Intelligence Service?

-The interview-

How would you like us to call you?

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer

Do you operate on your own or are you part of a hacking group? hacking club;

I have been working alone for quite some time.

Any connection between you and AYYILDIZ TÝM or Aslan Neferler Tim?

I have no connection. For a short time in 2019, the Aslan Neferler Tim were also in the management group.

Do you operate at your own will or are you sponsored by any government or private body?

I am a Turkish teenager. All I serve is my nationalistic feelings.

What is the main goal of your actions?

I hack websites to defend the fair, in the internet world.

Have you hacked the ICS FORTH? If yes, what was the reason you targeted the Greek host master?

Yes, I organized cyber attacks against Register of Internet Names .gr and .el. My main goal was to have access to the main panel of but I could not get a complete result.

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the EYP?

Can you share us some details (non-confidential) of how a successful large-scale attack like the one you achieve in ICS FORTH is possible? Are there any sql injection vulnerabilities, 0day exploits or some other ways to succeed on that kind of attacks?

Since cyber attacks are on the web site, there are many security weaknesses in web scripts. In general I can mention php code inejection, sql injection, os command injection, 21 port service brute force.

In addition, one can use zeroday and exploit can be used with great success.

In the past, you have hacked the ministry of foreign affairs of Greece. Can you give us some technical details of this attack or others at government agencies n Greece?

Back then, I shared a few security vulnerabilities of Greek government agencies. I pulled the data using sql injection vulnerabilities in the government portal.

I don't want to talk about Ministry of foreign affairs because AKINCILAR has still access to Ministy's servers, so I do not want to take over their hacking business.

A lot of Turkish hacking groups are spreading out hacks done against Greece as their own. According to our information you are supposed as “father of Turkish hackers” as a lot of your supporters confirmed us. Do you think that some hackers are just trying to catch people’s attention by taking advantage of greater hackers’ work (like you)?

There are many people around the world who lie to get attention. I would not like to comment on that.

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the National Intelligence Service?

Who will you consider greater Turkish hackers of new generation?

Honestly, I this issue does not concern me.

What is your opinion about the latest hacking attacks like ministry of foreign affairs, dimokratianews, from AKINCILAR Team?

We are young Turks, we are Muslims. We Turks can do everything. I congratulate those who carried out these attacks.

Have you ever been hacked?

I have received several successful hacking attacks.

Which critical Greek infrastructure or services, or companies have you targeted?

I hacked many Ministries of Greece and I always leave a message on their home page. I published private data of many ministry personnel.

I attacked the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and Greek telecommunications companies.

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the EYP?
Hacker EYP: Did he "scare" the EYP?

How would you describe Greece’s cybersecurity protection level? Is Greece an easy target?

There are no government websites, corporate websites or hosting companies that cannot be compromised. Greece is a very simple goal for us.

Is Greece your main target?

I am a nationalist. I have organized cyber attacks on every country in order to condemn the attacks on Turks and Muslims around the world.

Have you met any Greek hacking team?

I do not know any Greek hacking team. The only thing Greek hackers can do is DDoS by purchasing VDS or VPS Server with their money.

Can you share with us some future attacks that you plan (not exactly attacks but categories like telecom companies, oil companies, shipping companies, ministries etc)?

Whoever attacks Turks and Muslims, it doesn't matter who it is, I will make that country experience hell.

Have you ever been targeted by the authorities? If yes, which hacking attack(s) triggered them?

Cyberattack in India. I attacked many educational institutions and India prepared reports of my attacks with Kaspersky.

I hacked the biggest state-sponsored news portal in Sri Lanka to condemn the attack on Muslims in Sri Lanka. The country's cyber defense commander made a statement about this attack on live stream and said she would work for me.

When I hacked the e-state of Greece 80-XNUMX days later, according to the Greek media report, the National Intelligence Service hired XNUMX hackers.

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the EYP?
Hacker EYP: Did he "scare" the EYP?

Your YouTube channel is interesting. It describes all your hacking attacks step by step. Do you plan to also present hacking attacks against Greece?

I created my YouTube channel on the recommendation of a friend. I was only sharing some of my attacks. I don't need it anymore.

What is the most dangerous hacking method these days according to your expertise?

I would not like to answer anything about that. I can not say anything.

Name us the XNUMX most important steps a user should follow in order to avoid a hacking attack.

  1. You must not click on emails and links to messages from people you do not know.
  2. You must not use the same password for each site.
  3. Keep devices updated
  4. Use anti-virus
  5. Use VPN

Would you like to send any message to SecNews’s users or to Greek targets?

Greece should know that Turks are very good in every field and they will give you hell until you get what they want.

We warmly thank the hacker RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer for his honest answers to SecNews and his reference to the attacks on critical Greek infrastructure, a fact that worries Greek citizens.

*SecNews is an unbiased and objective Information website specializing in cyber attacks and information security and will always give voice to groups or personalities that interest our users. The views expressed in the interview EXCLUSIVELY reflect the views of RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer.*

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RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer Interview: Did he "scare" the EYP?

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