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Home security Cyber ​​security also concerns public safety

Cyber ​​security also concerns public safety

Cyber ​​attacks have been on the rise in recent years, but how do they relate to public safety?

Seven years ago, Burger King's Twitter account was compromised. The company profile picture was replaced with the McDonald's logo, the profile name was changed to "McDonald's" and the bio said "Just sold to McDonald's."

Which, while frankly hilarious, raises a lot of concerns about how resilient passwords even colossal companies have. In terms of cyber security, the Companies tend to make mistakes.

Only this year, big companies like Microsoft, Estée Lauder, η NintendoThe Facebook and Zoom were violated data which revealed sensitive data of hundreds of millions of users. The "holes" were repaired quickly, consumers were informed and their companies apologized.


A particularly dangerous form malwareThe ransomware is exactly what the term implies: "it is designed to deny access to a computer system or data until the ransom", Reports the Cyber ​​Security Service (CISA), part of the Ministry of Internal Security.

Especially if used in a way that even the creators did not anticipate.

Just last Thursday, hackers hit it German Heinrich Heine Hospital in Düsseldorf. The attack on cyberspace made critical patient data inaccessible and the administration of the hospital closed the emergency rooms. The next day, a woman in need of emergency medical care "was taken to a hospital far away from home, with her treatment delayed by about an hour, resulting in her death."

When the hackers were notified by police that they had hacked a hospital, the perpetrators "provided a key decryption to unlock them all servers that have been violated ". Unfortunately, the authorities have lost contact with them and the perpetrators are wanted for negligent homicide.

This incident is not the only one. THE CISA warns that ransomware attacks have increased worldwide.

CISA and BSI, Germany's cybersecurity agency, both published the advice urging organizations using the faulty service that led to the woman's tragic death to inform the gates of the network. But the warning came after the woman died, and the governments are terribly slow in responding to digital scams committed daily.

The growing complexity of these large, undefined plans further hinders the ability of the authorities to stay one step ahead of the "bad guys". So when the scale of these cyberattacks becomes so great that even the brains lose control, who can resolve the results before they end up being irreversible?


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