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Huawei on US bans: We accept relentless aggression

Huawei's rotating president, Guo Ping, has said the company will continue to do what it can to boost its supply chain, despite continuing to face "high pressure" and ongoing "attacks".

"Huawei is in a very difficult situation these days. "Our relentless aggression has put a lot of pressure on us," he said during a speech at Connect 2020 on Wednesday.

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"We are still assessing the specific effects. At the moment, survival is the goal. "

Ping analyzed this point, clarifying that the continuous attacks referred to came from the US Government.

"The United States is constantly attacking us and amending its laws for the third time, and this has created great challenges for production and mode us ", he said, speaking to the media.

In August, the US government extended its restrictions on the Chinese giant, banning the purchase of chips from foreign manufacturers using US technology. It also added 38 other Huawei subsidiaries to the Entity List, including Huawei Cloud Singapore and Huawei Cloud France.

The United States has also banned US companies from buying, installing or using foreign telecommunications equipment, citing fears of espionage. cyberspace. The ban mainly targets Chinese equipment suppliers such as Huawei, although no names are mentioned in the executive order.

Despite the ban on chipsets, Ping said the company has "sufficient stock" to support its business.

"As for our mobile chipsets, as we consume hundreds of millions of chipsets every year, we are still looking for ways to deal with the situation. "However, we also know that US chip suppliers are trying to persuade the US government to continue supplying Huawei."

Ping also took the opportunity on Wednesday to invoke "transparency and co-operation". "We hope that the government "The United States will reconsider its decision."

"If they are willing to supply us, we would be willing to buy from them. At the same time, we will continue to abide by it strategy συνεργασία We believe that cooperation is the best model for the global industry. "

Huawei, meanwhile, continues to be excluded from networking 5G worldwide. The most recent incident was in Canada when Bell and Telus announced that they would not continue using it. equipment of Huawei in the respective 5G networks.

On Wednesday, the rotating chairman also spoke about the company's decision to reduce the number of its jobs in Australia, which could lead to up to 400 redundancies over the next five years thanks to the company ban on the Australian government for 5G .

"Australia is a small market for us. "It has never been a priority," Ping said.

"We always prioritize our resources for high quality customer service. Because resources are limited, we must use them to the fullest to support them customers that we really need and support them to succeed. We make adjustments to the companies depending on the situation. "

Despite the remaining pressures, the company announced that it is focusing on in cloud, The Artificial Intelligence and industry technology applications to provide value to customers. "There are huge chances in that, "said Ping.


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