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Puppy Linux 9.5: Released after 2 years delay

Puppy Linux is a small but at the same time very fast operating system system based on Linux. If you have an old computer or want to use Linux on a mobile phone, this operating system may be the perfect choice for you.

Finally, after almost two years, the system development team announced the release of the new version of Puppy Linux 9.5, also known as Fossapup64 9.5. The latest version is also the first, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa."

However, although the system is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and uses many of its packages, it also contains many Puppy Pets packages. In addition, the new version is compatible with Ubuntu binary, and contains access to all "Focal Fossa" repositories.

Speaking of system changes, you should know that the new version uses it Linux Kernel v5.4.53, instead of v.4.19.23 which exists in the previous version. In addition, as always, the system includes all known applications of Puppy Linux 8.0, such as:

  • JWM Manager
  • ROX Manager
  • The Palemoon browser
  • Hexchat
  • Quickpet
  • Osmo Diary
  • Abiword Editor
  • Latest version of Claws email.

Of course, the new version brings users and the basic MPV, Deadbeef and Gogglesmm tools. In addition to these updates, the new version includes several new applications, such as Pburn, PuppyPhone, Janky Bluetooth, Change_kernels, JWMdesk, YASSM, Redshift and SimpleGTKradio.

Puppy Linux 9.5: Released after 2 years delay

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of the system is its lightness on the device. For the same reason, the new version needs less than 1 GB space on your hard drive. Regarding the system requirements, you should know that it works perfectly on any device that uses 64bit architecture and contains 2+ GB RAM.

Download and install Puppy Linux 9.5:

In case you want to try the operating system, you must first download the installation file. The file is relatively small (409MB) and available for download here. After downloading the file, you can create one Bootable USB and proceed with the installation of the system.


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