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Attention: what does the orange dot that appears on the iPhone show?

IPhone users who have downloaded the new version iOS at Appliances have received a warning about a mysterious "orange dot" appearing in the upper right corner of the screen.


What is the "orange dot" and why does it appear on the screen?

After the new software update iOS 14, which was released for its products Apple from Wednesday 16 September, many users noticed the strange dot appearing on the screen.

This warning dot, which appears on the top of your iPhone, is there to let you know whenever your device's microphone or camera is activated by an app.

In addition to the orange dot that appears on the screen, users will also be able to receive privacy information in the App Store to further understand the privacy practices for each application before downloading it.

As Apple said about the orange dot and the iOS 14 update: “An indication appears at the top of your screen each time an app uses the microphone or camera. And in the Control Center, you can see if an application has used them recently. ”

Apple users will then be able to check the permissions that an application has on the device data, from the section Settings and may deny applications access to their microphone or camera. They also have the option to delete one completely application.

"Confidentiality is a fundamental human right at the heart of everything we do. That's why with iOS 14, we give you more control over data "You also share more transparency in the way they are used," Apple added.


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