HomesecurityPopular TikTok profiles promote scammy applications

Popular TikTok profiles promote scammy applications


According to cybersecurity company Avast, there are at least three TikTok profiles with more than 350.000 followers (in total) that they have promoted scammy mobile applications. These applications have brought in $ 500.000 in profits crooks.

Some of the applications are available for Android and others for iOS Appliances and according to researchers have more than 2,4 million users.

The apps are available in official Android and iOS stores

Avast researchers learned about the scammy applications from a child who reported to company a profile on TikTok, which suggested one of the suspicious applications.

The researchers found three such profiles, although there are likely to be more. Both of them were also on TikTok. One profile has more than 330.000 followers (7odestar). The second had over 28.000 followers (Dejavuuu.Es3). Finally, an account was found at Instagram with at least 5.000 followers, who did the same job.

"IOS and Android apps seem to have been developed by the same person or team. Links promoted on social media (TikTok, Instagram) lead to iOS or Android versions of applications, depending on the device from which the link is accessedSaid Avast.

According to Avast research, applications are presented as games ή download programs music and wallpapers. After installation, they display continuously advertisements and charge users between $ 2 and $ 10 for features that either do not exist or do not work properly.

Its elements SensorTower show that the fraudsters managed to win at least $ 500.000.

Applications do not have such a high rating in ratings, but the chances of installing them increase when they are promoted from a popular profile on TikTok and others. SOCIAL MEDIA.


According to Bleeping Computer, malicious applications still exist in the official application stores of Google and Apple. The applications are the following:

  • Shock My Friends - Satuna (AppStore)
  • 666 Time (AppStore)
  • ThemeZone - Live Wallpapers (AppStore)
  • shock my friend tap roulette v (AppStore)
  • Ulimate Music Downloader - Free Download Music (Google Play)
  • Tap Roulette ++ Shock my Friend (Google Play)
  • ThemeZone - Shawky App Free - Shock My Friends (Google Play)

Some of the above applications / games, promoted through TikTok, promise an amazing experience that will captivate the player and his friends, but all they do is empty the user's pocket and bombard him with ads.

Researchers point out that users should be very careful with games and applications promoted through social media, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc. Even if they are advertised by celebrities and popular accounts, it can be a scam. Accounts may not be real or may have been compromised and scammed by scammers who upload whatever content they want. A good search and control of an application's ratings are necessary steps.

Even if the reviews are positive, you should be careful with apps that ask for money for new features. The $ 8 requirement for wallpapers is excessive, as many legitimate applications provide it for free.

Finally, you need to be suspicious when an application asks access in a lot of information, which are not needed for its efficient operation.

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