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The partnership between Nvidia and Arm will dramatically change the technological landscape

Nvidia announced last week that it had acquired Arm for $ 40 billion - with a combination of Nvidia shares and cash. This will lead to some exciting changes.

This merger will make Nvidia and Qualcomm partners and will create new possibilities of combined solutions in which the Apple may not have access due to Qualcomm's mistreatment in the past.

However, there are concerns that Nvidia will try to force Arm to abandon its current licensing strategy and switch to Nvidia's CUDA model, which is much more restrictive. Given that this would create huge problems for Arm by forcing it to look for alternative technologies, we believe that this change will not happen. Nvidia, based on the comments made during the announcement of the partnership, is likely to turn to the Arm licensing model over time.

With this major merger, Qualcomm will automatically become a partner of Nvidia due to its licensing relationship with Arm and this can also lead to an exciting collaboration between the two companies. The two companies do not compete widely and have a common interest in its field AI and self-propelled barges.

With Arm, Nvidia will also become on par with AMD, The Intel and Qualcomm as a key provider technology. This merger will open up opportunities for the company to create new, innovative and exciting products throughout the technological ecosystem.

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Computers and smartphones are at the point of significant technological developments with products such as various flip phones and Microsoft products Surface Duo to show us the way to what the future may bring. Much of the merger debate has been about AI, and this strategic focus suggests that we may be just a few months or years away from a major technology event that will lead to much smarter computers and smartphones.

The merger of Nvidia with Arm is an important event that will upgrade Nvidia as a peer of AMD, Intel and Qualcomm. and that opens the door to a deep partnership with Qualcomm. It gives Nvidia the opportunity to be present in the technology market for both licensing and new technology products.


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