HomesecurityThe Strava app exposes your information to nearby users

The Strava app exposes your information to nearby users

The popular Strava running and cycling app can reveal your information to people close to you, which has raised privacy concerns among app users.

In the past, the Strava app has published heat maps created by 13 trillion coordinates GPS accidentally exposed military base locations around the world, including those in USA.


Exhibits names, photos and routes of strangers

This week, Andrew Seward, head of product development at Experian, brought to light how Strava exposed sensitive cursor information.

"I went for a run this morning on a new route and a lady overtook me as she ran. "As soon as I got home, I saw that Strava pointed her out on my way," he wrote in Twitter wrote Seward.

"If I click on her face, she will show her full name, the picture and a map of her route (which practically shows where she lives)", he continued.

According to Seward, this information was shared, although he did not know who the lady was and none of them followed the other in application.

The incident sparked concerns among Twitter users about how stalkers were abusing their ability to locate Strava users in their area.

Soon, Seward showed that many of the settings confidentiality of the application were defaulted to be seen by "Everyone".

Further investigation by Strava users revealed that this information leak was caused by the default "Flyby" privacy settings set for everyone.

Flyby is a Strava feature that allows cyclists and runners to reproduce the recorded activity and see other people near them on the map.

As long as Flyby's default setting is to share your activity with everyone close to you, whenever you run or are close to another Strava user, your information will be shared.

A series of events like these have certainly raised confidence issues for the application.

"Even if you turn off this setting, I would not trust them not to turn it on again in an update applications. They could also completely reorganize settings "without warning you, in order to be too difficult to understand," said another user.

What settings do you need to make in Strava Flyby

To prevent Strava Flyby from sharing your information with others users, follow these steps:

1.Log in to

2. Once logged in, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile picture and click Settings.

3. Click Privacy Controls.

4. In the Flyby area, click the drop-down arrow and select "No One", then press "OK" as shown below.

With Flyby set to "No One", your personal information and activity will no longer be shared with other nearby Strava users.



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