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Gmail: How to write emails faster! (Classic tips)

There are many times when the emails we have to reply to are too many, and in fact we are late to reply. Fortunately, Gmail offers a number of tools that can help you compose your emails faster.


Gmail Smart Compose is like auto-filling emails. Learns how to write your emails and tries to complete them proposals your. This improves the speed with which you write a message and allows you to send more emails in less time. The proposals appear as you type and at the touch of a button you can accept or ignore the sentence.

Smart Compose works best in plain sentences. For example, if your recipient's name is Susan, he or she may automatically add "Hello, Susan" to the beginning.

To enable Smart Compose from the Gmail site, sign in, and then click icon to gear top right. Then click on "See All Settings".

Scroll down to the "Smart Compose" section on the "General" tab, and then click the radio button next to "Writing Suggestions On."

Smart Compose can also cater to your personal writing style, but that means more data will be collected from you. Google. To join, select the radio button next to “Personalization On” in the “Smart Compose Personalization” section.


Click "Save Changes" at the bottom to apply your selections.

On iPhone, iPad the device Android, launch the Gmail application. Press the menu on the top left to open the side-bar menu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and then tap "Settings".


Click your email address. On the following screen, tap the check box next to "Smart Compose".

Now, every time you type an email, Gmail suggestions will appear in light gray. To select one proposal, drag to the right or press Tab.


The above Smart Compose solution is a classic solution that will help you type your email texts faster.


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