HomesecurityTasmania: 20.000 students affected by data leakage

Tasmania: 20.000 students affected by data leakage

About 20.000 students at the University of Tasmania were notified by the faculty that their personal information was accessible to those users have an address email UTAS.


As stated by the University, the data leaked contain personal information that could lead to the identification of 19.900 students. 

UTAS said: "There is no evidence that this data breach was the result of malicious activity "and that" security settings for shared files were incorrectly configured, which made the information visible and accessible to unauthorized users ".

The university said in a statement on August 11 that it had "discovered that student-owned electronic files stored on one of its websites SharePoint on its platform Office365"could be inadvertently seen by people with an email from the University of Tasmania."

"The security settings for this SharePoint site were not set up correctly. This means that people with email address, who were not authorized to access documents stored on the site, inadvertently acquired access. "

"It simply came to our notice then. There is no evidence that this data breach was the result of malicious activity. The system it is now set up properly. ”

Students affected by the leak have been notified. The email informs them that any downloaded documents containing personal information must be deleted immediately. It also informs them that in case they have shared this information they must either retrieve it or delete it completely.

The Vice Rector of the University, Rufus Black, said the University of Tasmania "responded quickly to secure the information and attracted independent experts for assistance."

"We have conducted a thorough review of how this information was made available and took immediate steps to ensure it is safe," said Professor Black. The University of Tasmania said that the privacy regulator, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, has also been notified.

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