HomesecurityFirefox error allows breach of nearby mobile browsers via WiFi

Firefox error allows breach of nearby mobile browsers via WiFi

Firefox error

Η Mozilla correct one error which can be used by cyber criminals for infringement Firefox on Android devices. In particular, the attackers could violate them all Firefox Android browsers that are in the same network WiFi and force users to visit maliciously and Phishing sites.

The error was discovered by an Australian researcher security, with the name Chris Moberly, who works at GitLab. According to the researcher, the error is located in Firefox SSDP component. SSDP stands for "Simple Service Discovery Protocol" and is the mechanism used by Firefox to locate other devices on the same network and exchange content.

Once the devices are detected, the Firefox SSDP component takes the place of one file XML where the device configuration is stored. However, the researcher found that in earlier versions of Firefox, an attacker could hide commands in this XML and ask the Firefox browser to execute them. These commands could, for example, tell Firefox to access one Phishing link.

How could the exploitation take place?

To better understand how to exploit the error, consider the following scenario: One hacker is located in a public, busy area (eg airport), connected to the network WiFi and then launches a script on his laptop, which affects the network with incorrectly configured SSDP packets.

Android users who use the Firefox browser during this attack are also affected transferred to a malicious website or are forced to install a malicious Firefox extension.


According to another attack scenario, the attacker could target vulnerable WiFi routers. The attackers could utilize exploits to breach uninformed routers and then to violate the internal network of a company and force employees to repeat authentication on Phishing pages.

The security researcher published proof-of-concept code which could be used to carry out such attacks.

According to ZDNet, Mozilla has been aware of the Firefox bug since the summer. Now, the company has fixed the vulnerability in Firefοx 79. However, many users run older versions. It is worth noting that only Firefox for Android is affected. Firefox for desktop versions is not affected by the error.

Mozilla recommends that its users upgrade to the latest version of Firefox for Android, to be safe.

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