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Home security Hackers throw because he insulted Erdogan!

Hackers throw because he insulted Erdogan!

Hacker _ The website was hacked by Turkish hackers because he published a news headline that the Turkish government said offended him President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Also, and the website accepted hacking attack, since both websites were on the same server.

The announcement of the attack was made by the Twitter profile where he posted the following Tweet:

Saturday morning, its homepage Democracy News was replaced by a Turkish message that read: "The Turks are here, where are you?" By noon, the message had been removed, but the site was still down.

Hacker because he insulted Erdogan!
"The Turks are here, where are you?"

Dimokratia news published the front page on Friday, urging the Turkish Foreign Ministry to invite the Greek ambassador. and

In a statement, the Greek Foreign Ministry condemned the use of offensive language, which it said did not reflect the country's political culture.

Hackers throw because he insulted Erdogan!

Tensions between Greece and Turkey, Both NATO members have risen since Turkey resumed searching for hydrocarbons in disputed waters in August.

Hacker because he insulted Erdogan!
Hackers throw because he insulted Erdogan!

Greece wants the islands to be taken into account when demarcating a country's continental shelf, according to the United Nations Maritime Law, which Turkey has not signed. Turkey says a country's continental shelf should be measured by the mainland, which would place the area south of the Greek island of Kastelorizo ​​- a few kilometers off the southern coast of Turkey - in its exclusive zone.

The hackers' attack was also reported in Bloomberg [here]

The website until the moment these lines are written has not returned to proper operation


  1. If you have a wordpress page on the internet, you are worthy of your fate…
    But it would be interesting, to our curiosity, to know HOW they hacked them.
    Just to see if it was something advanced or just the administrators were% # * &! (#.

  2. Some things:
    > In wp-admin, 99,9% of servers running wordpress are allowed to access only from specific ip through apache url rewrite urls

    > From the screen with the listing on vhost it seems that both espresso and democracy have been informed recently

    > Even with bruteforce and if (1) did not apply, there are no known ways to run passwords via wp-login in updated wordpress (

    Also in the url with wp-admin next to the lock icon for ssl, a strange icon appears that refers to a lighted screen.
    Also the guy who quotaretai constantly has some posts that he has hacked the mail of bill gates and ellon mask (lmao?)


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