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Group Tabs: Chrome will automatically create group Tabs

Google wants to free users from manually creating tabs from users, so the Chromium team is currently testing a feature called "Tab groups Auto Create" which, when enabled, will automatically create group tabs in Chrome .


The tab groups feature is available to everyone in the Chrome 85 Fixed Edition.

The feature is available by default, but again, the user has to do the work themselves and create the group tabs for each different theme.

But what if Chrome did the whole process on its own without the user's help? Google is currently doing the relevant tests.

The "automatic tab creation" function is available with a flag in the latest Chrome Canary 87.0.4266.0 for Windows, Poppy, Linux and Chrome OS and can be activated.

Enable automatic tab grouping in Chrome

  • Launch the Chrome browser
  • Visit the chrome page: // flags
  • Search for “Tab Groups Auto Create”
  • Click the drop-down arrow and select "Enabled"
  • Restart the browser

If you open links from the same domain in different tabs, Chrome will automatically group them. See the Techdows video in detail.

His team Chromium committed to two things: "add about: flags entry" and "automatically create a new group when users open a new tab with the same domain as their original tab ”.

If you are using the static version of Chrome, you can make group tabs collapsible and scalable by activating the “Tab Groups collapse” flag on the chrome: // flags page.

Google is also testing the function of "freezing" grouped tabs to save more resources.


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