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Pinephone: The version with Manjaro Linux is now available for preorder

A few hours earlier, PINE64 announced that the new Pinephone 'Manjaro Community Edition' is now available for preorder. As we understand from the name, the new device belongs to the PINE64 series PinePhone, and contains the Manjaro Linux as the default operating system.

Probably many users know that this series contains PinePhone with postmarketOS, as well as PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch. Therefore, the new device takes third place in the list of mobile devices that support Linux.

In addition, the Pinephone Manjaro CE shares similar features with the other devices in this series. For example, the phone comes in two well-known versions - basic and 'Convergence'.

Like the rest of the devices, the basic version comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. However, by choosing the more expensive version, users can get the PinePhone Manjaro with 3GB RAM, as well as with 32GB storage. Of course, by choosing this version, users will also get the well-known USB-C dock.

On the other hand, the two versions share the same processor and screen. Speaking of the processor, you should know that the device includes the quad-core ARM Cortex A-53 with a speed of 1.2 MHz. Combined with the HD IPS screen, this processor promises perfect performance.

Regarding the software, we inform you that the mobile contains the Manjaro ARM rolling distribution, which is compatible with almost all PINE64 devices such as PineTabs, Pinebook pro, etc. However, using the new Pinephone, users can choose one of the following environments: UBport's Lomiri, Purism's Phosh or KDE.

According to the announcement made by PINE64, the mobile is now available for pre-order. However, there is currently no option in official webpage of the company. For the same reason, in a later announcement, the development team stated that the choice for preorder will be available soon.


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