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The best keyboards for 2020! Which will you choose?

COVID-19 has forced most people to work from home. The companies, in order to take the necessary security measures, reduced the number of people inside the office to a minimum, so the employees had to create a suitable space to work from home. In addition, many children in many countries do their homework online so the demands of space and equipment (keyboards, computers) increase.

Having the right equipment can make a huge difference, not just in productivity, but also in comfort. And there is a part of it equipment which you use every day and this is the keyboard. Here are some top keyboards for those of you who want to buy a new one or your old one is broken.

Minimalist keyboard

Das Keyboard Prime 13 (Price $ 129)


A stable, well-made, minimalist keyboard that has a huge lifespan. Each key is equipped with Cherry MX Brown mechanical keys for high precision, graduated key contact and reliability.

This keyboard has beautiful lighting LED which makes typing in low light easy. Beautiful keyboard, one of the best options.

Keyboard with numeric keypad

Apple Magic Keyboard (Price $ 129)


The best solution for Mac users. Elegant, practical and very stable. I suggest you buy it version with the numeric keypad, but if you do not have office space, you could get the basic keypad.

The keyboard uses its scissor mechanism Apple, giving each key a sense of stability and usability.

Mobile device keyboard

Logitech K780 (Price $ 79)


If you work mainly with mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablet, this Logitech keyboard offers you the ability to work with a regular keyboard when needed. Having trouble choosing which device to use? This keyboard offers the ability to quickly switch between multiple devices.

Mechanical keyboard for left-handers

DSI keyboard with Cherry Red Switch (Price $ 92)

Many users are left-handed so a classic keyboard really does not suit you so it's time to buy a keyboard for Needs your. And the DSI keyboard with Cherry Red Switch mechanism will perfectly cover your needs.

A wonderful stable keyboard that is absolutely pleasant to use.


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