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How to transfer Facebook photos and videos to Dropbox?


The transport tool data of Facebook allows them users to transfer photos and video on Dropbox (and Koofr) without having to download and upload them back to platform.

To make the transfer, you must first log in to Facebook (from your computer) and log in to your account. Then click the up arrow in the upper right corner and select "Settings and privacy".

On the Settings & Privacy menu, click "Settings".

Open the “Oi information on Facebook ”from the left part of the window. Then click the "View" button next to "Transfer a copy of your photos or videos".

Dropbox photos

You must specify where you want to move them data your. You have three options: Google Photos, Dropbox and Koofr. Select the cloud storage service you want from the "Select Destination" menu.


Facebook allows send / transfer only your photos and videos at the same time. If you want to transfer your entire media library from Facebook, you need to follow the transfer process twice.

However, you do not have the option to select specific photos at this time. Facebook will copy and transfer everything that has been uploaded to account you. Click the "Next" button once you have decided what you want to transfer first.

Facebook photos

Facebook will then ask you to sign in to your cloud account service storage.

Dropbox photos

Click "Allow" and give Facebook permission to add photos and videos to your library.


Return to Facebook and click the "Confirm Transfer" button to start the upload process.


The tool runs in the background, so you can close the tab if you want. To check the progress of the transfer, go to the transfer tool page. Once the transfer process is complete, you will receive a notification.

Facebook transfers your photos and videos to album format, just like they are in your profile. You will find a new folder called "Photo Transfer". There are subfolders with names like "Profile Pictures", "Cover Photos" and whatever other albums you have.

Facebook Dropbox

If you want to transfer photos and videos via smartphone ή tablets, you can follow a similar procedure. Open it Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

Open "Settings" by clicking on the three-line icon in the lower right corner.


Find the "Settings & Privacy" option and click the "Settings" option.


Then, in the "Your information on Facebook" section, click "Copy your photos or videos".


Enter your Facebook password and click "Continue".

Select the service (Dropbox or other) you want to transfer them to data of Facebook and then click "Next".


Enter your Dropbox account credentials to sign in and allow Facebook to add data to your library. Return to application Facebook and select "Transfer Confirmation" to begin the process.


Your transfer will be performed again in the background. Facebook will notify you when your photos and / or videos have been successfully moved.

This is the process of transferring photos and videos, as we read in Howtogeek.

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