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Google Drive: It will delete the trash files

Google is changing the way Google Drive handles archives and users' trash documents. The new feature will take effect in October, and the company reportedly decided that the files and data in your trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Google Drive
Google Drive: It will delete the trash files

Specifically, from October 13, the files in the trash will be automatically deleted from Google Drive after 30 days. The new change means that the Drive Trash will work in the same way as other Google products, such as gmail, for smoother behavior across all Google products.

Previously, the service Google has so far operated in a slightly different way. Trash files were kept indefinitely unless you chose to go in and empty the bin to delete your data - making it less of a "trash" and more of a way to simply hide files you don't want to see .

G Suite administrators will also be able to restore deleted files and documents from the Recycle Bin for up to 25 days for active users, so if you lose error a critical document important to work you still have the chance to save it.

Google Drive: It will delete the trash files

While automatic trash can be frustrating for some users, there can be real benefits as Google counts trash files that are not deleted at the limit. storage in Drive.

To ensure that everyone is aware of the new feature, Google will also add a banner notification to Google Drive, as well as to specific applications of Google Docs and Google Forms.


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