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Project management: How a CTO can make a difference

From technical knowledge to creating departments and setting goals, here are the skills you need to improve if you want to become a good CTO with a very effective team.

Technological expertise is in greater demand than ever before - and this need is increasing the importance of CTOs.

Businesses were looking for it even before the pandemic COVID-19 technologists who could help them exploit their digital data and adopt remote work strategies, but this year the demand really skyrocketed.

CTO, Chief Technology Officer

So how can a CTO be more effective? Mark Holt, who has been CTO at Trainline for more than six years, knows very well which ones skills are required. Here are the characteristics which says they designate a very good CTO.

1. You have the right knowledge

While some organizations have CIOs, there seems to be a growing trend for blue-chip companies to appoint CTOs. Holt recognizes that the CTO battle against the CIOs is well known and perfectly reasonable. For Holt, the frame is everything.

"I think you need people who know what it's like to work fast and organized," he says. "Some companies need one CIO. Still others need a CTO. I believe that every company has unique needs and there is no option that suits them all. ”

Holt says CTOs are definitely right for organizations that are constantly innovating with technology. But this focus on technology means that CTOs need to know all the technical details about the company.

"I think people appreciate this level of insight into technology. That's why I think you need a CTO that really understands technology.

2. Promoting a culture of iterative innovation

While CTOs should be interested in the creative uses of technology, Holt says it is unlikely that people will develop clever ideas. CTO's main job is to ensure that people within their team have the confidence and want to try new things.

"I'm not the type to be innovative," he says. "My job is to create a culture of people who are innovative and a culture where people can innovate. This is literally the most important thing to me. I have to create an environment where people can come to work and leave feeling proud of what they did that day. ”

3. Create a different section of different experiences

Holt says he is a big fan of the view that the diversity of the sector is one of the features most closely linked to creativity"The more diverse groups are more innovative," he says. He is also a fan of learning from staff who have experience in different branches.

4. Guide the self-governing groups to the right goals

Holt says that the success of a CTO is also about putting the right people in the right roles and then ensuring that these individuals receive clear guidance.

Trainline goes through an evaluation process once a quarter. For the last quarter, the framework focused on priorities of the COVID-19 associated group. In general, Holt says it is important to modify its parameters business every quarter and make sure people focus where they need to.

Once this tutorial is complete, it's important as leader to take a step back. Holt advises other CTOs to try to manage change smoothly.


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