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Facebook: Hires a Remote Task Manager

Facebook has taken a big turn toward permanent remote work, and is hiring a manager to lead those efforts.

The company is looking for a Remote Work Manager to help it develop a long-term program for work from home and lead Facebook's path to "the first methods of remote work," according to a post about the post.

facebook remote work
Facebook: Hires a Remote Task Manager

"Facebook follows a careful and measured approach to the future of work at the company, including the commitment to remote work as one of our long-term strategies. We are looking for a Remote Operation Manager to lead this strategy and work with an extensive team partners to make that shift in the way we design our teams and evolve our people. "

Businessman Hussein Kanji was the first to spot the new post, posting on Twitter.

Facebook's US staff has been working remotely since March, when it erupted COVID-19 hit the San Francisco Bay Area. The company had originally planned to send staff in July, but the continuing rise in the virus in many parts of the country, particularly in California, has prevented the opening of offices.

The CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this year that it expects about half of the company's global workforce - which, since March, has grown to more than 48.000 employees worldwide - to work from home over the next 10 years, and that many employees will be allowed to work from home on a permanent basis. From January, however, employees who choose to leave the office and work from home will see their pay adjusted to where they live.

Facebook: Hires a Remote Task Manager

Facebook is one of the few technology companies thinking about the future of office work. Twitter and VMware stated that employees can work from home forever if they wish, although they will also adjust employees' salaries based on location according to Business Insider. Payment company Stripe is also making changes to its telecommuting policy, and is reportedly cutting pay for employees moving out of Seattle, New York or the Bay Area, but is also offering those employees $ 20.000 to relocate.


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