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PS5: Sony has announced the price and release date of the console

Ready for PlayStation 5? You can now pre-order the new console at selected retailers for € 500 for the hardware version Blu-ray or at 400 euros for the digital PS5. Both consoles will be released on November 12 at USA., with pre-orders via Internet to some major retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop and Target starting on Wednesday.

Her new revelation Sony finally gives a fixed price and release date for the next PlayStation, beyond the vague timeframe previously used by the company in describing the upcoming console.

In the opponent's camp Xbox Series X and Series S will be available to the public on November 10 at 499 and 299 euros respectively. While Sony said the disc-free PS5 will have the same chip and performance as the Blu-ray version, its Xbox Series S Microsoft products is designed as a less powerful X-Series sibling.

In addition to the price of the console and the release date, Sony also reported prices for console accessories. The cost for a standalone DualSense wireless controller reaches 70 euros and the wireless headphones Press 3D you will find them at the price of 100 euros. PS5 games will range from 50 to 70 euros, depending on the title.

Pricing for next-generation consoles completes a long line of announcements by Sony and Microsoft, during which companies provided information about their consoles throughout the year. They chose this approach to showcase the new technology they will make available to the public, promising faster load times, better graphics and more exciting sound.

As companies provided information about their consoles, they also showed their different approaches to what they see as the future of Gaming. Sony has followed a traditional path, emphasizing how its new games will be tailored specifically to the capabilities of its new console and encouraging gamers to purchase the new device to gain these new experiences. Microsoft, meanwhile, has focused on compatibility, promising many of them games will play on newer Xbox devices as well as older ones.

PS5 pricing news is the latest in a busy summer for Sony. At its event in June, the company unveiled the white and blue designs of its new consoles, also providing a first look at a range of new games, including Spider-Man Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West.

PS5 price

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be a title that will be combined with the launch of the PS5, starting at 50 euros for the standard version or 70 euros for the ultimate version that also includes a remastered copy of the original Spider-Man game for PS4 as well as its DLC.

At Wednesday's event, Sony also announced the PlayStation Plus Collection, a library of successful PS4 games such as God of War and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The games will be available to subscribers of the PlayStation Plus gaming service which costs 9,99 euros per month, offering more than 100 games.

Regarding the features of the PS5, it should be mentioned that the new Sony console includes a custom AMD processor and GPU capable of producing graphics in 8K or 4K and 120fps resolution, as well as 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and 825 GB of storage that will allow significantly faster loading times.


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