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Microsoft Project Reunion has just acquired a new tool

Microsoft has released Resource Technology (MRT), an open source project that supports the company behind Project Reunion efforts to resolve incompatibilities between Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.

In May at the Build 2020 conference, Microsoft unveiled Project Reunion as part of its plan to reverse errors created with the "Universal Apps / One Windows platform" in Windows 8.

In May, Microsoft also released WinUI 3, a state-of-the-art UI framework for Windows 10. WinUI 3.0 is Microsoft's next-generation user interface platform for Windows and Windows 10X.

Windows 8 was intended to bridge Win32 application development with a new operating system that could run modern applications in full screen.

MRT Core, released by Microsoft on GitHub, is a new "resource loader" to be used with WinUi 3, according to Miguel Ramos, program manager at Microsoft's engineering team.

"MRT was introduced in Windows in the context of Windows 8 and has evolved as a management system resources since then ", says Microsoft in the new GitHub repository for MRT.

Provides developers with merged Win32 and UWP APIs so they can add up-to-date functions, such as the Share panel in their desktop app. It relies heavily on WinUI 3 and WebView2, another Microsoft technology for integrating web content into an application.

Recent components added to Project Reunion include libraries C ++ / WinRT, Rust / WinRTAnd C # / WinRT.

Microsoft plans to release a NuGet package on GitHub that will allow application developers to create PRI files from Visual Studio and use MRT Core APIs to load resources into their applications.


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