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Business: How to evaluate the security of new applications?

With the outbreak of his pandemic COVID-19 and the consequent adoption of remote work, many companies have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation plans by making rapid technological decisions and building infrastructure as soon as possible to facilitate remote work. At the same time, they started using new applications.

As people turn to remote work, one of the biggest challenges they face is changing the work environment.
To balance the new working conditions, companies quickly adopted new technologies (chat and video meeting applications, VPN etc.) to ensure that employee cooperation and productivity are maximized.

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It is more important than ever for business leaders to take the necessary steps to ensure that the speed of their very unique digital transformations does not expand the attack surface nor provide easy access to hackers. However, any new technology, if not properly controlled and regularly receives the necessary patches, can report the important data And the Appliances of Business in attacks.

Therefore, in order for companies to ensure that this does not happen, each new corporate application should be evaluated and prepared in the same way. Business security teams do not provide laptops to employees without first taking basic security measures, so the same should be done with new applications.

While the situation varies depending on the type of application and the infrastructure of a company, here are some key steps that companies need to take to ensure that new applications designed to increase the productivity of their employees do not pave the way. in cyber attacks.

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Evaluation of security settings
Although it may sound simple, the first step security teams must take before launching any new application is to take a look at the default protection configurations that come with the technology. Default protection is not universal for every business and every security setting should be checked before implementation by employees. For example, is 2FA enabled? What changes need to be made to the default security settings? Is it possible to password protect specific skills or actions within the platform? After thorough scrutiny, the company can better determine the settings that users should have made based on their role, access information and other factors.

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Set restrictions on users
Once the correct security settings for a particular application have been established and implemented, it is important that only authorized people can customize them to ensure that applications remain as secure as they were when they were developed. To ensure this, only those who need administrator privileges should have them. Other users should have limited access only based on their roles within the business.

Priority in endpoint security and regular security updates
Endpoints are a key entry point for hackers. Thus, businesses need to implement certain tactics, such as repairing devices and software, quickly and efficiently. As a precaution, companies are able to remove vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers and minimize the business attack surface.

Just as IT and security teams update endpoints with updates derived from Patch Tuesday every month, patching third-party applications is just as important. All types of technology need to be fixed after vulnerabilities are identified.


General remarks
The fact that new technologies are being applied by companies to facilitate the transition to remote work is a good move. All of these new technologies play a key role in how they work, collaborate and ultimately deliver value to customers.

However, it is more important than ever for companies to develop only applications that meet security requirements and, if this is not the case, to take the necessary steps to make secure the technology with which their employees interact on a daily basis.


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