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Chrome is separate from Chrome OS! What does this mean for you?

It may sound strange, but for users of older Chromebooks, it may prove to be a blessing. The Chrome browser has a Linux distribution, Chrome OS. Chronome OS researcher Kent Duke found that Google splits the browser and operating system into two separate listings.

But why is this something we are interested in? Every Chromebook also has an expiration date - the Automatic Update (AUE) expiration date. This date is six and a half years after circulation of this particular Chromebook. You can find the date for your device by going to the Update Schedule section in the Chrome OS settings machine your. You will find it under the About Chrome OS section, in the Additional details menu.

chromebook chrome

Six and a half years is a long time, but Chromebooks, thanks to their very good construction, can have a longer lifespan.

Duke noted the following:

Chrome is currently inextricably linked to Chrome OS, which means that Google must create and send a complete package with Update. Although this is not by itself problem, the biggest problem arises when a Chromebook comes to an end life of. Just like with a phone Android, when the Chromebook reaches AUE, Chrome OS will also stop being updated. Losing a Chrome OS update means that Chrome itself will not be updated either, which leaves the browser exposed and vulnerable.

Duke continued: "Since this 'Chrome binary' will be distributed separately from Chrome OS, Google will be able to easily update the browser regardless of the operating system. This means that even if your Chromebook reaches AUE, your browser will receive the latest updates Google. ”

What does this really mean for you? That you can use your old Chromebook safely!


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