HomesecurityHacker jailed for installing keylogger on company systems

Hacker jailed for installing keylogger on company systems

A man from New Jersey received an eight-year prison sentence for install keylogger on computer networks of his opponents. His goal was of course the theft of trade secrets.

Man arrested for installing keylogger on company systems

The accused is named Ankur Agarwal and is originally from Montville, New Jersey. Agarwal pleaded guilty to both charges. The first category had to do with theft information from computers third parties and the second with theft identity. The 45-year-old admitted that he had steal about 15.000 files related to new technologies from two different Companies.

According documents Agarwal initially broke into the New Jersey facility of a Texas-based technology company. This violation took place in February 2017. The accused illegally installed hardware keylogger Appliances on the company's computers, in order to track the keystrokes of its employees and steal data. Through keyloggers, Agarwal was able to find out usernames and passwords of employees and thus managed to gain access to others systems of the technology company.

According to the court, Agarwal stole data related to the development of a new technology.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, Agarwal managed to steal them data he wanted, using one code he had made specifically for this purpose. It is said that he ran this exfil script on many computers and several times.

Man arrested for installing keylogger on company systems

Agarwal also admitted to violating them systems another company based in New York. And in this case, he gained physical access to the company's facilities in New Jersey after created a fake access card for himself.

The Ministry of Justice said: “This fraudulently obtained access card, in the name of another person, allowed Agarwal to breach two of the company's premises.".

Agarwal stole from her too company data related to a new technology. His illegal activities were detected by company employees in April 2018.

On September 1, 2020, US Judge Susan Wigenton sentenced Agarwal to 94 months in prison, while he is obliged to pay a fine of $ 25.000. Computers, storage devices and other related equipment have also been confiscated.

The investigation into the arrest of the hacker also involved the FBI.


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