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Home security Missouri Hacking Attack Prevented!

Missouri Hacking Attack Prevented!

A hacking attack aimed at infecting a Missouri county site with malware prevented. Hackers developed one trojan malware, in an attempt to obtain access at the St. Louis County site earlier this month. The IT team shut down the county site on September 1, after multiple attacks at server of the county.

Newly appointed IT director Charles Henderson said Monday that hackers had tried unsuccessfully to take control of the Missouri county site. He added that there was no evidence that they had been violated, lost, stolen or destroyed. data during the hacking attack.

Missouri attack hacking

The hackers imitated the legal move, in an attempt to exploit one vulnerability in the site management system. According to Henderson, the hackers managed to bypass all but one of the county's cyber defenses. All that was left was a trojan to compromise the server, Henderson added.

In order to prevent hackers from infiltrating this final level of defense, Henderson's IT team chose to shut down the site and launch a new site that was in progress, and otherwise would be up and running in a few months. .

trojan malware

Henderson said his IT team "downloaded" the web server for maintenance to "shut down" the vulnerability and restore the site. Henderson also pointed out that after he and his team examined the method of attack followed by the hackers, as well as the options available to them, they concluded that they could not protect the server from further attacks and with only a layer of defense and so they suggested not to restore it system.

In addition, operations in Camden, Missouri, were halted last April following a sophisticated attack. encryption. In addition, more than 360.000 patients at St. Luke's Hospital (SLF) in Kansas City, Missouri have been affected by the recent ransomware attack that took place in Blackbaud. According to a statement issued by the SLF in August, the hackers behind this ransomware attack removed a copy of the hospital's backup file in order to steal money from Blackbaud.


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Missouri Hacking Attack Prevented!

A hacking attack aimed at infecting a Missouri county site with malware has been thwarted. Hackers developed a trojan malware, ...

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