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Home security Newhall School District: Cancels classes due to ransomware attack

Newhall School District: Cancels classes due to ransomware attack

Newhall School District

Another school complex of the United States fell victim ransomware attack a few days ago, affecting the lessons that have just begun. This time, the victim is Newhall School District, who was forced to cancel online courses Monday and Tuesday after ransomware attack, which is said to have taken place over the weekend.

The school complex announced the incident on Instagram, early Monday. The ransomware attack closed the network of schools, resulting in the cancellation of the courses.

On Monday afternoon, the Newhall School District said the issue had not been resolved and that Tuesday's classes should also be canceled.

"We work with our legal team and our insurance provider to investigate and resolve these issues as soon as possibleNewhall School District Inspector Jeff Pelzel wrote in a letter to the students' parents.


Due to ransomware problems attack, teachers were forced to give students only lesson plans they did not require technology.

As we read on CBS Los Angeles, the e-mail Newhall School District server was also affected from ransomware attack and stopped working.

With the start of the new school year, many ransomware have been made attacks in their schools USA. Last week, the school complex Fairfax County Public Schools Virginia also fell victim ransomware attack. Previous attacks have targeted schools in Toledo, Ohio, Clark County and many other areas.

In most cases, behind the attacks was the Maze gang.

Katie Nickels, executive at the security company Red Canary, said that schools are easy goal for ransomware gangs and that law enforcement agencies must take action to stop criminals. However, every day we learn about new attacks on their schools USA and experts believe that hackers do not intend to stop soon.


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Newhall School District: Cancels classes due to ransomware attack

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