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Home security Pandemic: Hackers targeted construction companies

Pandemic: Hackers targeted construction companies

During the first six months of the year and as the COVID-19 pandemic brought huge changes to the daily lives of people around the world, workers worldwide were forced to work remotely. Cybercriminals and government hackers have been involved in various sectors such as construction, technology and telecommunications companies.

Companies in many different industries fell victim to hackers, with a CrowdStrike report released on Tuesday stating that the target companies were twice as many as in 2019.

pandemic hackers construction companies

While technology, telecommunications and finance companies are common targets, "the manufacturing industry has seen dramatic growth. invasions "Compared to previous years," said CrowdStrike. Construction companies saw an 11% increase in attacks and intrusions on their networks compared to 2019, the company said.

Attacks on construction companies observed by CrowdStrike affected business systems or front-office networks and not theirs computers involved in factory control systems, said Jennifer Ayers, vice president of CrowdStrike.

The report is based on CrowdStrike's analysis of attacks on its customer networks around the world.

Both cyber-attackers and state-funded hackers choose to target industries that are already vulnerable in the global supply chain, CrowdStrike said. The attackers believe that the companies are having problems with obtaining materials and supplies they may be "more willing to pay a ransom to prevent further disturbances," CrowdStrike said.

Criminal groups "focus on making money by blackmailing and demanding ransom after stealing data companies's state-funded attackers focus on "a different agenda that can range from espionage to patent theft as examples," Ayers said.

However, in some cases, the difference in tactics used by the two items of the attackers is vague, with many criminal groups willing to play "hard game" aiming for greater profits, the report said.


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Pandemic: Hackers targeted construction companies

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