HomesecurityData from Optima Italia SpA were exposed after an attack

Data from Optima Italia SpA were exposed after an attack

The team DoppelPaymer, published the first data who managed to steal from her Optima Italia SpA, an Italian company that provides electricity, gas, telephony and Internet services.

Optima Italy

Until yesterday, some services such as "Shop","Customers" and "ChatAre not accessible to site of the company, as many customers complained, while some services telephony did not work properly.

The first problems, which still exist, appeared in early September, when dozens of customers started writing on the official page Facebook of the company, protesting about the holidays at Internet, the mobile network and the inability to access certain areas of the site.

Other negative comments recorded in Trustpilot, referred to the inability to communicate with the Optima Italia call center because it was unable to connect to the Internet and mobile networks after the attack in cyberspace.

The press assault Ransomware, was carried out by the DoppelPaymer team, which has already uploaded the first three documents stolen from the Italian company's servers. This is a total of about 11 MB of data, which was published on the group's website within Tor networks.

Optima Italia SpA, wanted to reassure its customers by stating, through a press release, that no personal data has been stolen at the moment and that a team of experts is working to verify any violations and restore the normal operation of its systems. Regarding the data protection rules (GDPR), the company has already informed the competent authorities.

The DoppelPaymer team targets mostly public institutions, companies and organizations that have an international impact.

The list of victims whose networks were encrypted, their data stolen and then ransomed in bitcoin is long and includes names such as Pemex (Mexico State Oil Company), Visser Precision, a Colorado-based company operating in sectors of the automotive and aerospace industries, h Tesla and SpaceX.

The most recent victims of DoppelPaymer are Royal Military College of Canada, Torrance, California, Knoxville, Tennessee and, above all, Newcastle University in late August.

After two weeks, the University of England has not been able to restore full access to all computer systems, and it is uncertain whether everything will return to normal before the end of September, when classes for new students begin.

In the afternoon, the DoppelPaymer team posted a tweet between funny and serious that probably addresses Imtiaz Dharker and Chris Day, Rector and Vice Rector of the University respectively, saying the following:

Source: SuspectFile

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