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AirPods Pro: Have you seen the impressive new features?

The new firmware X which was released Apple for AirPods Pro seems to introduce support Spatial audio, in combination with the iOS 14.

AirPods Pro: Have you seen the impressive new features?

To WWDC In 2020, Apple announced some exciting changes coming to the AirPods series through firmware updates, such as Spatial Audio for the Pro and auto-switching for all models.


The first is a system sound surround. Uses headset and iPhone accelerometer and accelerometer to monitor head movement and position iPhone and then studies this motion data to influence the sound you receive.

According to reports on Twitter and the MacRumors forums, the firmware update adds an option "spatial audio » on Control centre iPhone, which can be activated to enable the feature. Note that the use of spatial audio in AirPods Pro requires the installation of the iOS 14 update.


Although Apple has not yet released iOS 14 to the public, it is currently in beta testing an almost final version of the software. The company is expected to release iOS 14 before the presentation of the next iPhone.

This AirPods Pro firmware update also brings a feature that allows automatic switching between devices. Auto Swap will connect the headset to any Apple device connected to your iCloud when you turn on audio on this device and use it actively.

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AirPods Pro: Have you seen the impressive new features?

Available for AirPods‌ and AirPods Pro‌, it allows them to switch directly between MacBook, iPhone or iPad, detecting when you change the desired audio source to a new one device. It is a feature that most users have been waiting for a while and it looks impressive. Of course, the component that makes it even more impressive is the automatic switch back to the iPhone immediately when you have an incoming call.