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Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament? [UPDATED]

The parliament domain of the Greek Parliament seems to have been hacked by Turkish hackers.

Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?

According to a recent post @ynsmroztas on Twitter, the Turkish hackers have managed to violate server of resulting in a leak username Greek citizens.

Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?
Twitter post by @ynsmroztas

Its user Twitter, in fact, did not fail to share a photo showing some of the leaked usernames, leaving It is understood that even greater revelations about this leak are coming.

Specifically, @ynsmroztas reports:

«Hey Greeks, can you guess which server it is? @Parliament_GR Wait, coming soon !!. »

The irony in this post is obvious, with the Turkish user warning of future exhibits sensitive information of Greek citizens.

Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?
Notified usernames of Greek citizens

Although no further details on the breach have been identified so far, the user report suggests an attack by the Turkish hacking team. AKIRCILAR, which has carried out several hacking attacks on Greek critical infrastructure and Ministries in recent times. The link between the Twitter account and AKIRCILAR is speculated due to previous posts about their campaigns.

Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?
Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?

Note that the consequences of the cyber attack but also its dimensions can not be estimated at this time, since there is no evidence of the attack.

We remember that The Greek Parliament has fallen many times in the past victim of cyber attacks but the fact that lately more and more Greek critical infrastructure and Ministries are being attacked, continues to create significant fears for the security and protection of sensitive state information.

In addition it is worth mentioning that with the SeaTurtle hacking campaign launched several months ago, were targeted in addition to government agencies and organizations, and a large number of companies but also multinationals based in Greece.

The results of the SeaTurtle campaign for an attack on Hostmaster ICS.FORTH.GR will probably start to be seen gradually since the hackers are taking advantage of the data they had stolen then.

But who is the Turkish team? AKINCILAR

The AKINCILAR hacking team is said to be a small and flexible group (Akincilar Cyber ​​Warrior) that is directly related / motivated by the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Cyber ​​Warrior group, also known as the Akıncılar, is a group founded in 1999. The group hierarchy is similar to that of the army as the group is defined as a fraternity as can be seen in its conditions for the recruitment of new people.

Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?
Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?

The group quotes the following phrase to determine which new members will be accepted: "You have to be dedicated to our religion, our traditions and our customs. ” Also members can not use slang when communicating with other team members. When someone swears at one of us he swears at all of us.

The Cyber ​​Warrior website claims that the group was active during the preparation of the Turkish Internet Law (No. 565196), which is probably evidence that they have contacts with Turkish decision-makers or the political elite.

The group says its task is to combat satanic and pornographic content that offends the country's faith and moral values ​​online.

The team will support non-profit institutions, websites and groups that share the same ideas as our mission. It will also not attack sites or groups that do not oppose group values

Secnews does not confirm the news and investigates the case in order to keep you informed of any new developments.

Stay tuned!


In contact with the owner of the Twitter account, @ynsmroztas, he told us that they have a lot of information, not only about the Greek Parliament, which they intend to make public. The exact answer to our question is the following:

Did Turkish hackers attack a server of the Greek Parliament?


  1. We must say here, that as a precaution due to the risk of cyber attack by akinciler, the Minister of Defense has also downloaded from the domain for several weeks all those sites that contained personal data that could be intercepted.
    It mainly concerns school sites, but with more characteristic where citizens were invited to update their data, a process that is now done with personal invitations through ELTA.

  2. > with the Turkish user warning about future expose of sensitive information of Greek citizens.

    The well-known Turkish innocence…
    Who told you that the site of the Greek Parliament has Greeks for registered members?
    It has agents from foreign countries!
    Dump the data on the dark web, go in and find out who we are! (cwl)


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