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ByteDance refuses to sell the TikTok password

The creator company of the popular TikTok, ByteDance, based in China, said it did not intend to sell its video sharing algorithm in any way, according to sources quoted by the South China Morning Post.


The company has faced a lot of criticism in recent weeks from its government USA, as stated by the application TikTok steals data and spies on users, which led the President of the United States to demand that the company cede its rights to an American company.

One of the main concerns was the programming code at the heart of the application, which decides which content will be displayed to whom.

Companies such as Microsoft products and Oracle, among others, were potential buyers, with the expectation that a decision on the algorithm would be made.

However, ByteDance said it did not intend to sell the bulk of its application, with the source saying that ByteDance "will not deliver the source code to any US buyers, but TikTok technology team in the US can develop a new algorithm on the premise that a car can be sold, but not its engine. "

TikTok is in talks with the government to resolve the issue, although nothing has been finalized.

However if Trump does not follow the terms of the company, TikTok, which is widely popular with young Americans, especially as the pandemic dramatically reduced their social interactions, could stop operating after the September 20 sale deadline. The President has so far shown no signs of recall.

Eventually, TikTok may remain under the jurisdiction of ByteDance and no sale may take place. China has issued a new regulatory rule requiring ByteDance to address technical and financial issues involved in the sale, with the review considered "substantial and time-consuming".

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