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iPhone 12: Everything you need to know about the new Apple model

This year's release of the new iPhone 12 is the strangest in Apple's recent history and has not even begun. THE pandemic caused significant problems in the production schedule and led to delays in making the phones public. Some questions are still unclear about the new handset and Apple may not have answers to them yet.

But many other news have been revealed, through various leaks and revelations. We know exactly what the phones will look like, how many models will be available and some of the new features that Apple hopes will encourage users to upgrade.

Here's everything you need to know.

According to the latest reports, more new iPhones will be released than ever before with their number reaching four different models. Initially, the smallest iPhone 12 and the largest will be launched. Then there will be two versions of the pro, like this year, consisting of an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

These four phones will be available in three different sizes, according to reports. The regular iPhone 12 will be available in sizes 5,4 and 6,1 inches. the Pro will have 6,1-inch and 6,7-inch versions.

If this little phone proves to be popular with the public, it will be the smallest phone released by Apple since the first version of the iPhone SE, which became extremely popular.

Release date

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It is a rare occurrence that the iPhone release date is one of the most interesting things about the release of a new version of the phone. It usually happens with a completely predictable schedule where the phone is presented at an event in mid-September, before it goes on sale the following week of the presentation.

This time, however, the release date is one of the big mysteries surrounding the new phones. It is clear that the problems caused by the pandemic have caused changes in the release date of the iPhone, but it is not yet clear exactly how these problems will affect the release program of the iPhone. handset. It is possible that even Apple itself does not know.

Apple will hold a major event this week that will normally release the new iPhones, on September 12th. But this does not seem to be an iPhone event, but as a revelation for a new one Apple Watch, news iPad and maybe even more.

The company admitted that the phones will be presented "a few weeks" later, during a call with investors. However, he did not say whether the announcement would be delayed along with the release date, or anything more specific about how long it would be delayed, and that was the only public statement on the matter.

Rumors suggest that the phones will most likely be unveiled and released in October, about a month later than usual. Since Apple has not provided any other information, a date that would delay the release for more than this period could cause great concern to both customers and investors.

Given the unpredictable nature of this year, nothing can be said with certainty. Even if Apple aims to launch the new phones in October, we can not say for sure that it will be able to do so.


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There is no reason to believe that the new phones will be more expensive than the current series. However, there is no indication that it will not be.

The new, smaller iPhone 12 - the 5,4-inch model - could give Apple new flexibility to offer the smaller models in its new series a little cheaper than normal. Some rumors suggest that it could start at $ 649, which would make it the cheapest phone OLED sold by Apple, serving a similar purpose to the iPhone SE.

The price of the new iPhone is more fluid than almost all other models and can change up to the last minute.


The big change in the design of the iPhone this year is that it will borrow from its appearance iPad Pro. In practice, this means that we will see the flat, metallic sides we have seen in these products, instead of the curves of the latest model.

It is not clear which of the models will get this new design. It is very likely that the Pro versions will look more like the iPad Pro, while the standard versions of the iPhone 12 will look like the iPhone 11.

There will be other minor modifications based on this change. There will be room for extra sensors in the camera compartment on the back of the phone - for larger lenses and the LiDAR sensor - as well as the addition of an extra slot on the edge of the phone, which could be a 5G antenna.

There will also be a minor design change: Apple is rumored to change the dark green it launched with the iPhone 11 Pro to a new navy blue. Some leaks also indicate that the regular iPhone 12 may be available in a number of different colors.

New features

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The new case design will serve as the basis for many new features.

As in recent years, the camera is a big bet for Apple. So it is expected to improve by delivering more detailed photos, but the major change in this part of the phone will be the addition of a LiDAR sensor. This allows the phone to map the area around it more accurately and thus enhance augmented reality features, but also help with things like faster autofocus.

The new phones are also expected to be the first with support 5G. Rumor has it that Apple was disappointed with the performance of 5G, but has been criticized for being slow to offer the technology to its rivals such as Samsung.

There have been other rumors that do not seem so sure, such as that the new phones could have a different camera system on the front that will reduce the size of the notch and that the screen could add "ProMotion”From the iPad Pro, with an increased refresh rate.

As always, Apple will introduce a new and better processor. We are probably talking about him A14, which could offer better performance as well as longer battery life.