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IKEA: Collaborates with ASUS ROG for "affordable" gaming furniture

While IKEA entered the world of technology, with a smart home device and a furniture app, now it's time for PC gaming. The Swedish company announced its news cooperation with the department ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) to create "affordable accessory and gaming furniture "with a range of about 30 products.

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IKEA: Collaborates with ASUS ROG for "affordable" gaming furniture

However, there is no official information or information about what the products will be, but chairs and desks are a very likely scenario.

The gaming range will be developed by IKEA Product Development Center in Shanghai. The company said its designers held workshops with ROG designers, along with professional gamers and "fans of gamesTo record the functionality required for gaming home furniture, according to Engadget.

"In collaboration with ROG, IKEA wants to combine home furnishing knowledge with ROG know-how to create excellent experience game, » wrote the company. IKEA also stated that it will design and build "Affordable furniture and gaming accessories, »Although he did not say exactly what products he would create with ROG. It seems likely that gaming desks and chairs will be part of the new partnership.

IKEA and ROG are not the first companies to do such a collaboration, as Logitech recently collaborated with Herman Miller for a unique gaming chair. However, IKEA may take a different approach, aesthetically. The company said it sees toys as an accessible experience for everyone, so its furniture designs could better match your décor than other chairs and toy furniture.

IKEA: Collaborates with ASUS ROG for "affordable" gaming furniture

But we will find out soon enough, as the series will be released on China in February 2021 and will gradually expand to the rest of the world.


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