HomesecurityZoom adds 2FA support to all users

Zoom adds 2FA support to all users

Zoom 2FA

The Zoom announced that now supports two-factor authentication (2FA) on all accounts users to enhance their safety and protect them from violations and attempted identity theft.

With 2FA, the users Zoom will have an extra level in the authentication process, making it difficult for criminals to gain control of their account by guessing the password access or using credentials leaked to Internet.

Zoom accounts using 2FA will ask users to enter one "One-time" code from one mobile authentication application or by SMS or phone call that they will receive. So, to get one access in Zoom web portal, in desktop client, in mobile devices app or in the Zoom Room, in addition to his password he must also enter this unique code.

"With Zoom 2FA, users have the option to use authentication applications that support the protocol Time-Based One-Password Password (eg Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and FreeOTP). They can also ask Zoom to send them a code via SMS or phone call", Explained Zoom.

"Zoom offers various authentication methods, such as SAML, OAuth, and / or password-based authentication, which can be enabled or disabled individually for one account".

How to enable 2-factor authentication (XNUMXFA) in Zoom?

To enable 2FA, Zoom account holders and administrators must go to the Zoom Control Panel and enable the "Connect with two-factor authentication" option in the "Advanced> Security" menu.

What steps must account administrators follow to enable 2FA in Zoom?

  • Connect to the Zoom Dashboard
  • In the navigation menu, click on "Advanced" and then on "Safety".
  • Verify that the "Connect with two-factor authentication" option is enabled.

Next you need to set one of the following options to enable 2FA for:

  • All users in the account: Enable 2FA for all account users.
  • Users with specific roles: Activate 2FA for users with defined roles. Click 'Selected Roles', select the roles, and then click OK.
  • Users belonging to specific groups: Enable 2FA for users in specific groups. Click the pencil icon, select the groups, and then click OK.

Finally, click "Save" to confirm the 2FA settings.

More information on 2-factor authentication (XNUMXFA) in Zoom can be found at this document.

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