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Google Sheets: You can now put multiple links in a cell!

Until recently, in Google Sheets you could not put multiple links together in a single cell, but that has changed!

Google Sheets can be incredible tool for project organization, as endless rows and columns allow you to track and categorize the things you really want easily.

google sheets
Google Sheets: You can now put multiple links in a cell!

But so far users have faced a significant limitation that could be quite "heavy" for organizational brains. If you wanted to add links to a cell, you could do this for an entire cell but not for individual words within it. This meant, for example, that if you wanted to track links about your finances in Google Sheets, you would have to create individual cells for each of these links, which could quickly fill many more cells than you would like.

But now that has changed. You will be able to put left-wing in as many words as you want in a single cell, and organize your documents even more. It may be a brand new feature of Google Sheets, but it was so necessary and necessary for many that you will see that you will start using it right away as if it has always been one of the features of documents.

Google Sheets: You can now put multiple links in a cell!

Of course, it is worth noting that no Google announcement has been detected, but a thread was found support of Google that discussed the new functionality of Sheets from May 7, but also a tutorial YouTube published the same day, according to information from The Verge. However, it is very likely that the new feature reached many users much later, as Google releases updates several times over time, and so some may have been updated in May, some in June.


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