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Google: Removes autocompletes with political content

Google updates its policies, and removes autocompletes (autocomplete suggestions) related to elections.

Google: Removes autocompletes with political content

In the fight against fake news, even the autocompletes of a machine search can be confusing. In view of their elections USA, Google announced today that it is updating policies for election-related autocomplete, adding that it would "remove provisions that could be interpreted as assumptions or statements about participation in the elections "as well as" provisions that could be interpreted as promoting or undermining a candidate or political party running in the elections. "

Oh, yeah publications and anything else that sounds like assumptions about voting methods, requirements or the status of locations votes will not appear either. Therefore, if, for example, you type something like 'You can vote' or 'You can not vote' in the search box, auto-complete will not suggest completing this statement with 'phone».

Similarly, if you enter "donate to", political parties or candidates should not appear as proposals. Of course, just because autocomplete does not complete your query with a prediction does not mean that you cannot type it yourself. You can also enter "You can vote over the phone" if you wish, or "donate to the party candidate" and receive these results.

In its announcement, Google also reminded us that most of its policies on "Google Search, Designed to protect against hatred and inappropriate predictions, are automatic. However, he also admitted that these systems is not perfect or accurate, and if certain predictions override it, it will manually enforce these policies.

Google: Removes autocompletes with political content

This means that you may still see the strange misleading autocomplete proposal that escapes the automated filters, but Google may remove it in time.


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