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Mobian Linux: New distribution for PineTab devices released

A few months earlier, was released the first version of Mobian Linux, an open source operating system that aims to bring Debian to mobile devices. However, the first version of the system was only compatible with PinePhone. Recently, however, an improved version of Mobian Linux was released that is compatible with the new PineTab.

For those who do not know, Mobian Linux uses almost all Debian Bullseye packages, but also contains some packages from the Mobian archive. In addition, the operating system uses Phosh (Phone shell), which was originally created for the Librem 5 mobile.

The announcement of the new system was made in the official Twitter where the development team announced that now, in addition to PinePhone, Pinetab also supports Mobian Linux.

In an announcement, the operating system development team stated that the operating system will be available for other devices soon. However, so far, users can only use Mobian on the above devices.

In addition to normal installation, specialized users have the ability to download Mobian files, and create their own personal operating system. All the necessary archives to create the distribution file can be found here.

However, although the system is available for download, the development team has not officially announced if all possibilities they work normally. Of course, this process will not take long, as some of the users who have downloaded the new distribution are already reporting some issues.

Speaking of applications of Mobian, we inform you that the new version contains the same default applications. However, using the apt system, users can now install some new applications, which are available as Debian packages.

More information about the new version, as well as its new applications, can be found here.


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