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Secureworks acquires Delve vulnerability management platform

Secureworks acquired Delve to bring a new vulnerability management solution to the company's portfolio.

Secureworks says the deal will "enrich the company's portfolio, further diversify end-to-end capabilities and accelerate our transformation to provide secure software at its core."

The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Delve was founded in 2014 and offers corporate clients a vulnerability management platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) and in mechanical learning (ML).

Delve Secureworks

With so many new vulnerabilities reported daily, professionals security and IT managers constantly face the challenge of tackling the mistakes that apply to their businesses and judging the order in which patches based on their severity and potential impact.

Delve's purpose is to classify security flaws based on their severity to help users make the right decisions.

Delve has offices in Montreal and New York. Under the terms of the agreement, the automated vulnerability management platform, which also includes tools scanning and recovery planning, will become part of Secureworks' portfolio.

The technologies developed by the company will also be integrated into Secureworks Red Cloak threat detection platform and application.

"Together, we will extend customer access to the solutions and applications needed to make the right decisions to effectively protect organizations from the most threatening agents," said Gabriel Tremblay, CEO of Delve.

The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of 2020.


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