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Apple Watch: How to reset to factory settings

If you are planning to sell, exchange or give away your Apple Watch, do not forget to delete the data you.

Before performing a factory data reset on Apple Watch, be sure to back up your data if you want to reset your data to a new watch. If you are backing it up iPhone you with me iCloud ή Mac, a copy is created automatically. Note that the copies security iPhone to Mac must be encrypted to store all Apple Watch data.

Reset the Apple Watch via your iPhone

1. Make sure your watch is close to the iPhone to which it is connected and open the Watch app

Apple Watch: How to reset to factory settings

2. Swipe down and select "General"

3. Swipe down and press "Reset"

4. Click 'Delete Apple Watch Content and Settings'

5. Double-click "Delete All Content and Settings" to confirm

6. If you have an Apple Watch with network, you must choose whether to keep or remove the program

Factory reset directly to Apple Watch

1. Open the Settings app on Apple Watch

2. Select the "General" tab

3. Swipe down and press the "Reset" button

4. Click 'Delete All Content and Settings'

5. If you use a password, enter it when prompted

6. Swipe down and tap "Delete All" or "Delete All & Keep Schedule" if you have a mobile phone

apple watch
Apple Watch: How to reset to factory settings

Forgot your password? access your;

You can also reset your Apple Watch if you do not remember your password.

1. Insert the watch into your charger

2. Press and hold the side button

3. Press the Power Off knob firmly and release it

4. Click 'Delete all content and settings "


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