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COVID-19: Scotland launches tracing app

Scotland followed the example of Northern Ireland and launched its own contact tracking application for COVID-19 called Protect Scotland.

Scotland has become the latest UK to launch a national COVID-19 contact detection application called Protect Scotland, just over a month after the launch of StopCOVID NI in Northern Ireland and while the NHS in England is still testing its own application.

Protect Scotland uses Bluetooth signals to detect potential smartphone users risk from COVID-19 because they came in close contact with other users who were later diagnosed as positive for the virus.


Nicola Sturgeon encouraged residents to do λήψη of the app, which is now available nationwide for phones that support iOS 13.5 or later, or Android 6.0 or later.

"There is a new way to help fight COVID-19 in Scotland," Sturgeon said. '' Protect Scotland '- Our confidential contact tracking app will alert you to users who test positive for the virus if you have been in contact with them. "

The technology works in the background of the phone and records Bluetooth "fingerprints" when two users come in contact.

If a user tests for the virus and is diagnosed as positive, they will be given a password to enter the application. The Protect Scotland app will then ask permission to identify and alert contacts that are considered to be at risk - those whose "meetings" reflect a interaction which lasted more than 15 minutes and occurred in less than two meters.

The app will advise these contacts on what to do next, such as being isolated at home for several days or visiting a hospital if they experience symptoms.

NearForm, a technology company based in Ireland, helped develop it software used for Protect Scotland. This software is the backbone of contact detection applications that have been created in many countries throughout the world. people, including Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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