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Business: Concern for data breaches from "insiders"!

One of the biggest fears of companies is to suffer data breaches that will come either from internal agents (insiders) or from internal errors. According research of Exonar, which involved 500 IT professionals, 94% of respondents have suffered data breach and 79% are worried that their businesses will be the next victims.

Niamh Muldoon, senior manager of OneLogin, said the fear associated with data breaches stems from the "culture security”Adopted by a company, but also by the security reporting structure. Close and effective communication of security teams with the executive leadership, leadership support for informed risk-based decision-making and business strategy guidance, including the technologies used, can significantly reduce this fear and insecurity. business.


In addition, misunderstanding of IT, its components and principles leads to the fear and anxiety of the unknown, so security training, combined with threat awareness and awareness, will enhance the ability of businesses to defend themselves. against potential data breaches. Still, recognizing the importance of controlling it access, for protection of systems and data, is something particularly important that businesses can and should implement to reduce data breach risk.

As for what causes a data breach, 40% of those surveyed by Exonar said it could be due to accidental employee incidents, while 21% said it was caused by external attackers.

Sammy Migues, a Synopsys scientist, said that the insiders of a company already have access to its systems, so they can extract data without being noticed, something that companies can reasonably feel ashamed and embarrassed if they find out. Migues added that companies make bad decisions about temporarily placing data on in cloud, while not knowing how to keep them safe. Insiders know exactly how to hurt a business if they want to. Amid accidents and malicious attacks, insiders who can be the source of a data breach are a major concern for businesses.

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Muldoon also recommends that businesses:

  • Always remember that your employees are the biggest asset of your information. Security is the biggest factor that supports business developments, especially in times of uncertainty, while strengthening and developing good working relationships with the security team of your business, will contribute to diversity and integration into the business strategy, as well as the appropriate decisions, creating and maintaining teams high efficiency.
  • Collaboration with reliable partners for control and ID card of access really benefits businesses as a single access view for internal and / or cloud-based systems.


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